The Original Chocolate Rocks! ©  Fiesta Candy Company 2011 Chocolate Rocks are what we do best! We are the only chocolate manufacturer in the world to transform the finest milk chocolate into rock look alike pieces. We didn’t just invented them... We  perfected then into an art form! Since 1996 our chocolate making artisans have created such an assortment of rocks that they have transformed the field of chocolate geology. Our chocolate rock quarry is located in the Granite state of New Hampshire and we export worldwide our delicious milk chocolate  candy coated products. But we don’t just make rocks... From the New Hampshire Seacoast   we also make Chocolate Seashells and Chocolate Coated Sunflower   Seeds,as well as Chocolate Coins and Espresso beans for chocoholics of every nation!  And More ! Made in Rochester NH since 1996 Tel. (603) 335 0003