Item #9642 Classic Chocolate Rocks! Item #2000 Chocolate Seashells!   Pack :  8 bags of 3 Lbs   Hand Colored to resemble pebbles from beaches in Hampton and Rye , NH. Perfect for Decorations, Favors or Beach Themed Events. Made with 100% Real Chocolate!  Always. Item #9964 Chocolate Beach Pebbles   Pack :  8 bags of 3 Lbs Item #9965 Chocolate River Rocks ©  Fiesta Candy Company 2011 Item #8011 Coated Sunflower Seeds! Roasted, Salted Sunflower Kernels coated in Cocoa and a thin sugar shell. Peanut Free, Nut Free and Gluten Free. Great for packaging in small containers, as Ice Cream Toppings, Trail Mix. We use only High Oleic sunflower kernels from North Dakota for added freshness. Pack :  8 bags of 3 Lbs Tel. (603) 335 0003 This product was developed at the request of the North Pole. Countless threats of Coal instead of presents for the “less-than-perfect” youth  and a desire for social justice prompted us to develop Chocolate Coal!  Pack :  8 bags of 3 Lbs Item #9960 Chocolate Coal!